November 26, 2014 Brooke Mandseth

Let’s get Vulnerable!!


Read this word. Close your eyes and repeat it back to yourself. What do you notice happen in your thoughts, in your chest, in your stomach, or any other body parts? What instincts kick in when you hear any version of this word?

Well for me, a big WOOOOSH, a drop in the pit of my stomach, my heart starts beating a little faster, a little fear in my thoughts; “but what if that, what if this, etc.”, a pinch of anxiety that presents itself as my chest tightening up, and resounding inner response that sounds like my 5 year old “I don’t WANT-ta (insert your preferred whining voice)”.

Putting yourself out there, opening yourself up, telling someone how you feel, dealing with conflict, registering for a new class, quitting your job, looking for counselling…and um, starting a blog.

Take a breath, ground yourself (and this is going to sound like a resounding theme because honestly, it just works.) and you just take that jump and be vulnerable. Because guess what, being vulnerable is the most rewarding thing in the world. Is it comfortable? Not really. As Brené Brown says (great lady, watch the TED talk I’ve linked below or read some of her books) “our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and clarity of our purpose; the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection” (p. 2, Daring Greatly).

Vulnerability does not equal weakness. I’d like to throw that word out by the way. Vulnerability equals strength. It is finding that courage, in the most unlikely of places, to give you momentum to take that leap into something that is unknown, that alarms you, that scares you. And you do it. Sounds like a whole whack of strength to me. And the added bonus? It connects us to others. Which is what we all long for.

So the gist of it. I summarize Brené Brown here again. Embrace vulnerability, it may be the place where shame, fear, and struggle for worthiness live. But guess what, as soon as you speak these fears, live these struggles, admit your wrongs, it can be the birth place of joy, love, creativity, connection, spiritual awakening, clarity, and wisdom.

So watch this:

Read this:

And take a chance, get vulnerable.

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