May 4, 2015 Brooke Mandseth

The End.

Well I am coming down from an extremely big high. Let’s call it the Hakomi High so there is no confusion.

Along with my lovely Hakomi partner in crime, we got to organize and host an introduction to this beautiful and gentle method in the gorgeous setting provided by Richard from Mountain Waters Retreat Centre.

My high steadily intensified at meeting the like minded people who were drawn to learn about his model (or to come home to it), the connections that I watched the group make, the new ones I made, and the look on people’s faces as they experienced what hakomi felt like. I feel so full and satisfied and UURRRCH…oh yeah, it’s already over and now I feel sadness, longing to start it over again, and REALLY not wanting it to be Monday.

Endings people. Endings Endings Endings.

I am reminded and left with the feelings and vacancies that are left behind after ending something, how I used to run to avoid ending things, or ignore that they were happening altogether. I watched how our lovely trainer, Magi Cooper, honored and paid “exquisite” (her well used word) attention to the closing of each day and then, closing the end of the weekend. And was so reminded about how important endings are, to not rush through them, to feel the feelings that come with them, and to honor the resistance you have to them.

So I hugged, and made connections, and said goodbyes and wished people well and am blue that it’s all over and it’s back to normal life. But I’ll just hang out with all of that knowing the only way out is through. As per usual. Then start planning and getting excited for the next Hakomi weekend.

Pleeeeasse see if your interest is piqued or if you’d like to sign up, I promise you, it’s a gooder.

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