For humans who are looking for growth and are experiencing feelings of distress

I would like to support your healing, ease your suffering and build capacity, to help create transformation and expansion.

What Will Therapy Do For Me?

Therapy has a myriad of benefits that include:


Relief From Symptoms of Trauma

Developmental Trauma and PTSD

Growth, Capacity and Healing

For those of you looking for growth and are feeling stuck

Increased Emotional Connection and Intimacy

Looking for ways to improve and build better relationships

Decrease Unwanted Symptoms

If you're wanting to understand and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression

Brooke Mandseth, M. Ed, Registered Psychologist #2180

I have been working with humans for over 12 years in private practice, specializing in trauma.

Whether you are looking to start working with issues that bring you suffering or looking for ways to expand and grow, I can help guide you. I remain grounded in what brought me to this profession: creating safety and establishing a warm, foundational, therapeutic relationship to help create and maintain change.

What you can expect when you work with me

I work holistically using a variety of approaches and techniques.

I specialize in therapy that increases resiliance, nervous system regulation and builds capacity. My approach is grounded in mindfulness, somatic and experiental practice. I use a combination of these approaches when I work with you, depending on what will best suit your process.

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